Integrating simulation processes right from the start enables you to timely detect possible weak points and to minimise iteration loops.

Saving on material saves money, for sure. But in addition to that, it also important in many fields where weight is at stake. At the same time, components are not supposed to lose in stiffness and strength. In order to hit the right balance between the use of materials and stability, our long-standing experience in light-weight construction and strength analysis will help you for which we use the finite element method or topology optimisation.

In this context, it does not matter whether we calculate and optimise single components or entire assemblies.

If we are not able to meet your requirements, e.g. when it comes to analysing fibre-reinforced plastics (such as CFRP components) or simulating temperatures and flows, we will turn to our reliable partners, drawing upon their longstanding experience on calculating composite structure parts or flow and temperature simulations.

In collaboration with our partners, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Temperature simulations of components and assemblies
  • Flow simulation
  • Process simulation regarding heat and flow

FEM analysis of single parts and assemblies

Simulating drop tests Structure analysis of CFRP components

Topology optimisation

Simulating heat capacity and energy output

Process simulation

Heat transfer

Analysing flows in fluids and gases

Optimising flow conditions

Calculating pressure losses

Analysing movement of kinematic linkage

Kinetic analysis, simulation of forced control

Creating movement diagrams