Customer-specific development


Customer-specific development

In a world of constant change, flexible and dynamic development concept are needed – from the idea to the release.

Our solutions for your challenges are developed according to your specifications. We will be able to support your project all the way, from drafting and assessing the first ideas and developing them using a 3D CAD model, creating production drawings and providing the prototype or small batch. Whatever you need, we are there to help.
Using SolidWorks, a state-of-the art CAD software, we are able to create parametric 3D models with referenced technical drawings: we can either adopt your structure or labelling components or offer our system for doing that. The labelling fields are standardised and can be provided with your logo on request. If required, we can also create an extended BOM list.

To us, clean, transparent and well-organised documentation is just as important as the production drawings themselves. We create a project journal to document the project which will also help later to understand the entire process.

No matter whether we provide the idea, the impulse for the solution or the finished product: in collaboration with our on strong partners we can respond swiftly to your request and implement a prototype or small batch. You have already produced a design and would like to improve and renew it?

Then we are there to help, advising you on creating and selecting suitable solutions and supporting your construction process. No matter whether you plan on new designs or enhancing and modifying existing objects: we guide you through your project.

Designing sketches
Finding solutions
Providing advice
Developing ideas
Validating concepts

Designing the concept matrix
Assessing the concept
Creating diagrams
Doing the calculations
Managing the project

Working with 3D-CAD software
Creating production drawings
Issuing a BOM parts list
Documenting the project
Writing assembly instructions

Manufacturing parts
Procuring parts
Assembling protypes
Working prototypes
Optimising prototypes

Selecting suppliers
Producing EPR samples
Providing resources
Elaborating quality assurance concepts
Supervising the manufacturing